V10 Prime and Protect Facial Serum

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SKIN: A powerful, organic, theraputic grade oil V10 Protect and Prime has a unique mix of anti-oxidants, high levels of Vitamin A (natural Retinol) and Omega 9 making this a super effective, skin restorative Miracle oil. Works like a supercharged Primer.


* Improved skin Texture and Tone.

* Softer, Smoother, Polished looking skin.

* Instant Freshness and Radiance Boost.

* Creates a breathable Silicon like protective layer  against daily pollutants and superb base for foundation.

* Provides long lasting Moisturisation.


WHO: This is a Unisex product for all skin types especially those with sensitive, hard to manage skin.


INGREDIENTS: 100% Pure, Cold Pressed,Organic,Golden Broccoli Seed oil ( Brassica oleracea italica)