Reviews - Don't just take my word for it!

" I wish to impart my own review of Essentially V, The Empress Serum. This product is magnificent!! I love its scent... subtley floral and a hint of what it wishes to impart upon the flesh, decadent luxury. As one smooths the serum over the skin and the aroma embraces the senses, the skin absorbs this luxury without leaving any sticky residue. I truly love how my skin has felt after using this product and would recommend it to anyone. Soft, smooth, clear and refreshed is what my skin has become  after using this  all natural Aromatherapy Serum. A precious gift from the Earth and the wonderful creation of  Vivienne Carty.''   Sinead Mitchel...The Empress Serum


 l have been using Viv's products for two years now and l cannot recommend them enough. My skin needs lots of hydration and can be sensitive at times. l've used premium products in the past that claimed to solve these problems but fell short on many levels. Viv's products work for me as they are natural, smell amazing and nourish my skin night and day. My skin is glowing as a result "   Lesley Ní Cheallaigh...The Empress Serum




" From the moment I applied this serum I knew I didn't want to be without it. My skin felt so nourished and supple all day. I even had a work colleague comment on how well my skin looked and that was on the very first day! I chose to use the serum day and night as I have very dry skin. My make up glided on superbly over it. Mother Nature's  healing and nourishment  at it's very very best. I would highly recommend it."   Lee Ann O' Leary...The Empress Serum



" I have spent years looking for a product that does it all, feels good, smells good, improves skin texture, prevents dryness, and doesnt look oily. I have tried them all from expensive well known brands to cheap supermarket ones. Finally I have found one! I have been using the serum for a couple of years now and I am not changing. I love that the product is 100% natural, no harsh chemicals and I simply adore its beautiful floralness. I love how it actually feels like you are wrapping your skin in velvet. Every time I use it it makes me stop and breathe!"  Pamela Harpur...The Empress Serum


 '' I have been using The Empress Serum for the past three months. I can not speak highly enough about this experience. It is a beautiful product in every way. I love the feeling of the oil on my face which is so nourishing and nuturing. I am so impressed by the gorgeous presentation. My skin looks radiant and I won't be using any other product any time soon. Thank you Vivienne''.    Margot Ussher ...The Empress Serum



'' I have been using Vivienne's skin care for  almost 6 months. I love the sent of the oils & the warmth & comfort as I inhale the aroma. The Empress Serum smells like Chamomile flowers & leaves my skin nourished, moisturised and radiant. I'm in my 50s & my skin has become dry so this oil is wonderful. Highly recommended.''   Maryclare  Mc Mahon...The Empress Serum




''My skin is literally sighing with relief to have Viv's Serum back on it! Having used it for 4/5 months and not replacing it when it ran out was a big mistake. I won't make it again! I can honestly say that I have never used better. I am so happy to have it back again. Thank you.   Paula Kavanagh...The Empress Serum


''An amazing product for bringing your skin back to life and I love how it combines the mind/body element too. Kind of like a little self love ritual every night. I would highly recommend it. The scent is fab.   Yvonne Kelly...The Empress Serum


'' I have been using Viv's serum for the last few months and I love it. It is the first product that has made a noticable difference to the texture of my skin, smoother and softer. Incidentally the serum was a life saver when my husband recently had an allergic reaction and his psoriasis flared up leaving his whole face inflamed. The serum was the only thing that calmed his skin and relieved the pain. Without it he would have been lost. Thank you Vivienne!''   Blaithin Rainsford....The Empress Serum



 '' I have been a user of serums for many decades now, everything from Decleor to more obscure high end brands. I can honestly say without doubt that The Empress Serum is best on the market.  Everything from its delicious floral scent to its luxuriously rich texture has me reaching for it over and over. My skin has never felt so good. It is softer, smoother and radiates  good health and vitality. I have to admit that I always have two bottles on the go! One on my dressing table and one in my handbag when I need that pick me up. A couple of dabs and a deep inhale and I'm good to go again. An exquisite product. I wouldn't be without it''.    Helen O Meara...The Empress Serum