About Me

Essentially V is a small Artisan Irish company created by Master Aromatherapist Vivienne Carty.

I have been creating small batches of exquisite, highly effective, unique and 100% natural Aromatherapy products for over 20 years. 

All of my products are hand made and in line with strict EU safety regulations and have been assessed bio chemically to the highest of standards.

I strive at all times to meet my goals in terms of sustainable and conscious enterprise and actively engage with initiatives which promote Education for Women and Girls in the Majority world. I am passionate about this and a portion of profits are managed towards this cause. 

My work is also highly influenced by my profession as a Shamanic Therapist (Celtic Lineage), Energy Medicine and the use of Illuminating Imbas in particular as a unique and treasured Key Component in the Sacred co creation of the Serums. 

eV serums are truly exquisite in Effectiveness, Texture and Aroma. They are very Special for a number of reasons. The formulas are such that each serum has a unique and powerful  Aroma designed to have a particular effect on the Limbic (emotional) system. This is what True Aromatherapy is all about. A Dual effect.....Mind and Body. Smooth, Soft, Radiant, Glowing skin coupled with a sense of Uplift, Calm and Connection.  

eV Serums with their beautiful and natural Aromas  coupled with their powerful skin Nourishing  and Restorative effects have my customers returning again and again. You are very welcome here. Please make contact and I will help in whatever way I can. Vx