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10% of every serum sold is donated by YOU towards furthering the education of Women and Girls in the Majority world #SerumsthatServe

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These 100% natural and organic Facial Serums are the result of over 20 years of working with women as a skin care Aromatherapist. At 53 yrs of age I know what works and I want to share it with you. Much love, V x

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You are looking for  that special product which does a truly superb job of  Moisturising, Nourishing, Smoothing and Soothing, Polishing and Toning your skin.

 You want your  beauty products to be free from All synthetic additives, irritants, toxins and insist on the purely Natural, Botanical and Aromatic.

It is important that your products are  Not tested on animals.

You consciously choose to be part of a Powerful movement that strives for ethical, sustainable enterprise and global Equality at all times. A movement of the Heart.................the Feminine Heart.


"It's so beautiful, I absolutely love it. I only put it on going to work last night and one of the girls commented on how beautiful my skin looked. It's your magic potion"

Andrea Conlon. Age 29. V10 Protect & Prime Serum ( Broccoli seed oil )


"My skin is softer than before. Oil took very short time to sink into my skin. No excess oiliness so easy to use. It was very good on my dermatitis too . It helped calm it down "


Yumiko Ishikawa 44. V10 Protect &Prime Serum ( Broccoli seed oil )


"OMG Viv!! Finally an oil I can use on my face without an allergic reaction.  I love it! Thank you so much "

Zara Butler, Age 33. V10 Prime & Protect Serum ( Broccoli seed oil )


  " Viv I don't want another tester....just give it to me . I want to buy it NOW! It is fabulous. My skin is glowing "

Mary Toomey. Age 58. V10 Protect & Prime Serum ( Broccoli seed oil )


''I popped it under my makeup and the girls in the book club remarked how well and how young I looked! despite the fact that I had a hideous cold. I'm a convert.''


Anne McBride, Age 52. Protect & Prime V10 ( Broccoli Seed Oil )

Don't just take my word for it! (more reviews inside)

 '' I have been a user of serums for many decades now, everything from Decleor to more obscure high end brands. I can honestly say without doubt that The Empress Serum is best on the market.  Everything from its delicious floral scent to its luxuriously rich texture has me reaching for it over and over. My skin has never felt so good. It is softer, smoother and radiates  good health and vitality. I have to admit that I always have two bottles on the go! One on my dressing table and one in my handbag when I need that pick me up. A couple of dabs and a deep inhale and I'm good to go again. An exquisite product. I wouldn't be without it''.    Helen O Meara, age 60...The Empress Serum.



 '' I have been using The Empress Serum for the past three months. I can not speak highly enough about this experience. It is a beautiful product in every way. I love the feeling of the oil on my face which is so nourishing and nuturing. I am so impressed by the gorgeous presentation. My skin looks radiant and I won't be using any other product any time soon. Thank you Vivienne''.    Margot Ussher, age 56 ...The Empress Serum.